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How does Spanning Undelete for Google Calendar work?

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2016 10:58AM CDT

Google Calendar Undelete was launched in 2012 to help you quickly and easily restore Google Calendar events with the details intact. Over the years, Google’s Calendar product has evolved to provide users a way to restore individual and recurring Calendar events by adding trash functionality similar to Gmail and Drive. Because Google’s changes cover the functionality of Spanning’s Undelete for Google Calendar, as of August 10th 2016, Undelete for Google Calendar will no longer be available in the Google Apps Marketplace. The app will continue to work for existing customers until August 18th 2016, after which it will be removed from service.

When calendar data is deleted from your Google Calendar account, those items are not immediately deleted, but moved to a hidden Google directory.  Spanning Undelete for Google Calendar can access this hidden directory and undelete those items by moving them back into your Google Calendar account.  It's unknown how long those items are held in this hidden directory before being purged by Google, but we believe it's somewhere around 30 days.  

It's important to remember that the Undelete tool is not a backup and recovery solution and should not be relied upon as such.  We have seen situations where, for whatever reason, deleted events/calendars do not go to this hidden directory and are deleted immediately.  In this case our Undelete tool will not be able to access the missing data in order to move it back into your Google Calendar account.  

To install Undelete for Google Calendar, go to the link below, fill out the form, and click 'Submit':

If you want to install Undelete for Google Calendar for your individual Google account instead of a Google Apps domain, click the link at the bottom of the page that says "Not a Google Apps Administrator".

Although the Undelete tool has saved a lot of people from disaster, we strongly suggest that you have a proven backup and recovery solution in place.  That's where Spanning Backup comes into play!  Not only will Spanning Backup safeguard and protect your Google Calendar data, but all of your Google Docs/Drive, Contacts, Calendars, Sites, and Gmail data.  You can click here to start a free 14-day Spanning Backup trial.
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