Spanning Backup for Office 365 Releases

SharePoint enhancements


We have added support of SharePoint multi-geo setup. 


We are pleased to announce that we have added an export functionality to our SharePoint Backup feature. Now it's possible to export/download data from Spanning as well as restoring it back to Microsoft 365.

Additionally, we have improved restore performance for SharePoint and OneDrive. We are seeing up to 20% performance boost.

Canadian Data Center


We have added a brand new data center in Canada. Now Spanning supports 4 regions: United States, Europe (Dublin), Asia Pacific (Sydney) and Canada.

External API - Tenant Backup Summary


We have added an API endpoint to get a summary of backup status by workload. You can also use the latest build of the PowerShell module version (or later) and call the Get-SpanningTenantBackupSummary cmdlet. We are working to add more information to the API. In the coming months you will see new functions and a standardized "user" record.

Dark Web Monitoring Compromise Record Resolution


At Spanning we happy to deliver one of the most requested features for our Dark Web Monitoring capability since the service was announced. Spanning Administrators can now Resolve compromise records so that the records are removed from the list of compromises.

Learn how to Resolve Dark Web Monitoring Compromise Records

External API Enhancements


We have upgraded our external API to be more performant in advance of more updates coming in the next few months. This update necessitated and update to the URL for the API. If you use our PowerShell module you should upgrade to version (or later). If you use the API directly, you can review the changes in the API documentation.

Note: This update enforces the use of TLS 1.2. Ensure your connection security protocol is using TLS 1.2.

Teams Channel Conversation Backup


Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 now supports Teams Conversations.

As a Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 customer, you’re already enjoying automated backup of your critical Teams data stored in SharePoint Online or OneDrive, including Teams Private Channels. Starting today, we are adding support for Microsoft Teams Channel Conversations. While there is no additional cost, you do need to activate this functionality from your Spanning console.

Read More: Enable Teams Channel Conversation Backup

Bulk User Assignment API


We have added a new endpoint to our Public API that allows the scripting of license assignment and removal of up to 500 accounts in a single request. This new "bulk" approach is far more efficient even if you only have one license to assign or remove. The latest build of the PowerShell Module is 3.5.0 and can be downloaded from GitHub.

Read More: PowerShell module release 3.5.0

IT Complete Single Sign On


Spanning Backup for Office 365 is pleased to announce the integrated authentication option for Kaseya VSA and Unitrends UniView. This feature enables the seamless authentication from Kaseya VSA or Unitrends UniView when configured in Spanning Backup for Office 365. The control of the feature lies inside Spanning Backup for Office 365. This feature makes multi-tenant management of Spanning backup for Office 365 significantly easier for Managed Service Providers who use Kaseya VSA or Unitrends UniView. This alternate authentication also removes the requirement for Office 365 Administrators to provide additional credentials to partners who manage their backups, further securing their Office 365 tenants.

Read More: IT Complete Single Sign On

Retry Failed Items


Resubmit failed Export or Backup items directly from the Activity Page when a restore or export fails.


OneNote Backup


Restoring a Microsoft OneNote Notebook or Section back to the source Notebook is easy once you see the steps. The trick is that Spanning Backup for Office 365 preserves the Notebooks by Section (called a .ONE file). These files contain all the pages present at the time of the backup. If you only want to restore a single page, you still need the Section. Once you open the section containing your page, you can simply Copy or Move the page back to where it belongs. Similarly, entire OneNote Notebooks can be restored or moved to a new location.

Read More: Restore OneNote Notebooks

Tenant Wide Retention


With Spanning Backup, retention is based on the age of an item as determined by the Last Modified timestamp. Retention is not based on the presence or absence of an item. Items whose last modified timestamp are greater than the configured retention duration are deleted from Spanning Backup and are no longer available to be restored.

Read More: Tenant Wide Retention

Error Only Email


For larger customers and Managed Service Providers managing multiple tenants, our Daily Status Email is not enough. They need to know about errors as they happen. With Error-Only Email you can configure an address to receive an error email containing the source tenant information and the error. You can set throttling limits to prevent a flood of email as well.

Read More: How do I configure Error Only Email


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