VSA and UniView Office 365 Backup TAP Module Releases

New TAP Module Status Indicators


We've added some additional status indicators to the Spanning Backup TAP Module. Now, in addition to Backup Status for Teams Channel Conversations, SharePoint, and Exchange, we've added an indicator for IT Complete Single Sign-On and Error-Only Email. 

Learn more about the new status indicators and the related features.

Teams Channel Conversation Backup Status


In conjunction with our addition of Teams Channel Conversation Backup, we've added a status icon in the TAP Module that reflects the status of the backup for Teams Channel Conversations.

Read more about Teams Channel Conversation Backup

IT Complete Single Sign-On


Spanning Backup for Office 365 is pleased to announce the integrated authentication option for Kaseya VSA and Unitrends UniView. This feature enables the seamless authentication from Kaseya VSA or Unitrends UniView when configured in Spanning Backup for Office 365. The control of the feature lies inside Spanning Backup for Office 365. This feature makes multi-tenant management of Spanning backup for Office 365 significantly easier for Managed Service Providers who use Kaseya VSA or Unitrends UniView. This alternate authentication also removes the requirement for Office 365 Administrators to provide additional credentials to partners who manage their backups, further securing their Office 365 tenants. 

Read more about IT Complete Single Sign-On

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