Can I lock the settings for Spanning Backup so they can’t be changed?

Yes!  The domain admin can lock several Spanning Backup settings for the non-admin users within their domain.


1. Disabling access for non-admin users to Spanning Backup will not allow any non-admin user to access any of their backed up data, change their backup settings, or perform on-demand backups.

2. Disabling the ability for non-admin users to change their backup settings will restrict the non-admin users from making any changes to what data in their Google account will be backed up.  The non-admin user will still be able to perform on-demand backups, access all of their previously backed up data, restore that backed up data back into their active Google account, and export the backed up data to their local hard drive.

3. Disabling non-admin users from exporting their data restricts the non-admin users from downloading any of their previously backed up data to their local hard drive.


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