How to use the Billing Summary page?

The Billing Summary page shows you how many licenses you've purchased, how many licenses you've assigned, how many days are remaining on your current subscription, and a lot more.  We'll cover all of these things here.

First, in order to access the Billing Summary page for Spanning Backup, you need to go here as the admin user for your account:

Once there, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the page and select the "Billing Summary" option.

Second, here's what you should expect the Billing Summary page to look like:


The following is a list of items on the Billing Summary page, and what they do:

(1)Payment Information:


  • Credit Card Information - If you're set up for credit card billing, you can click the "Edit" link to update and save your credit card used for all your Spanning Backup purchases and renewals.

  • Auto-Renew - Here you can toggle whether or not your Spanning Backup subscription will automatically renew during your renewal period.  This will prevent the account from accidentally expiring and putting your data at risk.

  • Billing Admin - If you want to be the only admin user able to purchase additional licenses for users in your Spanning Backup account, check the "I am the only admin to purchase seats” option.

(2)Additional Receipt Information:


  • If your organization requires additional information to be added to a receipt, such as a VAT number or billing address, you can add this information here.  This information is added to all receipts, so it only has to be done once.

(3)Transaction History:


  • Here you will find links to all of your detailed purchase receipts for Spanning Backup.  Once you view a receipt you can email or print that receipt for your records.

(4)Domain Settings:


  • Automatically Assign Licenses to New Users - This option will enable Spanning to automatically assign a Spanning Backup license to newly created domain users.  This option is helpful because you don’t have to worry about continually accessing the License Manager to assign available licenses to new users.  

  • Automatically Purchase Licenses for New Users - If your Spanning Backup account doesn’t have any available licenses, you can authorize Spanning to automatically purchase a license when new users are created in your Google account.

(5)Purchase More Licenses button:


  • If you need to manually purchase more licenses for your Spanning Backup account, here's where you do it!

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