Is Spanning able to back up CollaborationGroups?

The CollaborationGroup field has complex entities within Salesforce, and as a result, there are some complications when backing up certain fields in this object type.

For example, the collaborationGroupMember object is a multi-parented object.   It holds a reference to both a CollaborationGroup and to a User.  We don't currently support restoring multi-parented child object relationships.

For the CollaborationGroupFeed object (referencing Feed posts), Salesforce does not allow the creation of these entities its via api call.  This is demonstrated by its object description, which can be found here.  You will notice there is no "insert" in the supported calls.

Another important entity associated with CollaborationGroups is known as a CollaborationGroupRecord.
In previous versions of the Salesforce API, Salesforce required you to query CollaborationGroupRecords by a specific id, which was previously not possible.  The API has now been modified, which Spanning is now using:

Now that the API has been modified, Spanning is investigating the ability to successfully be able to back up the CollaborationGroupRecord. 

If you have any additional questions about the CollaborationGroup object type, please reach out to

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