Can I download a CSV of the activity and settings histories from my Spanning Backup for Salesforce account?

Yes!  If you need to access and sort the history of your Spanning Backup for Salesforce activity and settings, you can do so by downloading a CSV of this history.  The activity history and settings history CSV will list all completed operations from the time Spanning Backup was installed.  Admins can then use this CSV to filter operations by a particular user, a particular date range, and / or a specific operation type.

To download this CSV, follow these steps:

1. Log into your Spanning Backup for Salesforce Account.

2. In the Recent Activity section of the dashboard, click the 'All Activity' button.


3. Select either the Activity History or Settings History tab, and then click the "Download List" button.



4. Your CSV file will then begin downloading.  You can open this CSV file in any spreadsheet program.

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