Can I set the time when the automated backup starts?

Yes, admins can set a time to start their once-daily automated scheduled backups. Spanning will also show a graphical chart of the time it took for your previous eight backups to complete, to help you make a data-driven decision when setting a customized time for your scheduled backup. 

To set the time for scheduled backup, follow the steps below:

1. Login to Salesforce as an admin user
2. Navigate to the Spanning Backup app
3. Click "Settings"
4. Under "Backup Schedule" click the "Set Backup Time" button


5. Toggle "User Scheduled Backups" to ON, and set the time in your local timezone when you would like your Automated Backups to start.


6. Click "Save".  Your scheduled backups will begin within an hour of the time you set.

Note: If an admin keeps modifying the scheduled backup time, it might lead to an automated backup not running once within 24 hours. For example, if the admin has set a scheduled backup time to be 9 AM, and then 8 AM  before the scheduled automated backup is about to run they change the time to 7 AM, the scheduled backup will not run for that day - it would not run until 7 AM the next day.

Additionally, please note that due to the many different implementations of Daylight Savings Time around the world and inside the U.S., we're unable to support Daylight Savings Time.  The custom time that you select for your backups is converted to UTC, which does not account for Daylight Savings.

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