How do daily status notifications work in Spanning Backup for Office 365?

The daily status notifications provide details about the backups performed in a 24 hour period. Global Admins or Spanning Admins can navigate to the settings page to enable or disable daily status notifications and also modify the email recipients list. Any changes to the email recipient list are also tracked on the Activity page under Past Activity. By default, the installer of Spanning Backup of Office 365 is added to the recipient list for daily status notifications.


The daily status email is broken into five sections as follows:

  1. Account Summary:
    • This section provides counts of the licenses/users and also provides the subscription end date.
    • Status if SharePoint Site Collections and Automated backup status.
    • The count of Teams Conversations backup
    • The “Manage Licenses” link will redirect the user to the Manage Licenses page.
  2. User Backups: 
    • This section will show the four user apps - Mail, Calendars, Contacts, and OneDrive - and will show the percent of backups that were successful, partial and failed.
    • The “View Details” link under each app will redirect the user to the Backup History page with the filter applied for the specific app (e.g. if they clicked View Details under Mail, the filter would be applied for mail on Backup History page.)
  3. SharePoint Backups (if SharePoint is enabled):
    • This section will only show up if SharePoint is enabled for the tenant, and it will show a count of the changes that were backed up.
    • The “View Details” link under SharePoint will redirect the user to the Backup History page, and the only filter applied will be for SharePoint.
  4. Teams Conversations (if enabled)
    1. The percent of Teams Conversations and the percent of Successful, partial, and failed backups.
  5. Dark Web Monitoring (If enabled)
    • The count of detections for each domain.
  6. Problems requiring attention (if there are any problems):
    • This section will only be visible if there are any problems.
    • The “View All Problems” link will redirect the user to the Problems page.


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Spanning Support.

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