How do I disable the duplicate records rule?

When attempting to restore data with Spanning Backup for Salesforce, if you receive an error that says "You're creating a duplicate record.  We recommend using an existing record instead", you likely have a rule in place in your Salesforce organization that prevents duplicate records from being created.  In a recent Salesforce update, a duplicate management system was put in place to help avoid duplicate records, and when this rule is enabled, you will receive this error when trying to initiate a restore.

To disable this feature in your Salesforce organization, follow these steps:

1. Log into your Salesforce account as the administrator
2. Go to Setup > Management > Duplicate Management > Matching Rules
3. Click on 'Deactivate' on the rule that needs to be disabled


4. Go to Setup > Management > Duplicate Management > Duplicate Rules
5. Click on 'Deactivate' on the rule that needs to be disabled

Salesforce will then send an email upon successful deactivation.  Now, when you initiate a restore through Spanning, you will no longer receive this 'duplicate record' error message.

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