How do I upgrade Spanning Backup to the newest version?

The following instructions will describe the steps necessary to upgrade Spanning Backup for Salesforce from any previous package version to the newest version.  In this release, new Salesforce components were added to give you an optional way to perform single-record restores.   

Before you begin
To complete the upgrade, please ensure you are logged in with an administrative account that has the proper rights to install and upgrade applications.

The process is only 6 steps and should take less than 5 minutes.

Installing the new package
Click the link below to begin installing the new package.
If you are upgrading a sandbox, use the link below.

Click Upgrade, leaving the default selection of Install for Admins Only.

The installation process typically takes around a minute.

Granting access to the new components
After the package installation is complete, navigate to the setup by clicking on your username and then setup.

In the left navigation, expand Manage Users and click Profiles.

Click on Standard User (don't click edit)

Then click on Enable Visual Force Page Access.

Select spanning.SpanningUniversalRestore, move it to the right column and click Save.

The upgrade is now complete!

For more information on configuring and using the new Universal Restore Button, see pages 19-22 of the Installation Guide and the following Knowledge Base article:
How Do I Restore Data Back into Salesforce?

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