How do I use the Activity tab?

The Activity tab serves different purposes depending on if you are a Global Admin or a non-admin. For Global Administrators, the Activity tab allows one to see all activities that users in your domain have performed within Spanning at any given time. For example, an admin can view Manual Backups, User Restores, or the admin can see who viewed others backups. For Non-Admins, the Activity tab will only show activity that the non-admin user logged in performed and it will not show other users’ activities.

Additionally, when any on-demand action is taken within Spanning Backup for Office 365, such as a manual backup, restore, or export, a Bell notification icon is illuminated near the top of your screen:


The Bell icon is used to give users a quick glance at what activities currently processing and it will be present in both global admin and non-admin accounts. If one were to click on the Bell icon they will be directed to the Activity tab. The Bell icon will display a blue circle with a number in it to indicate how many user-initiated activities are currently processing. Once the activities are finished, the blue circle icon on the bell will go away. The Bell icon will not indicate automated events such as scheduled backups. 

Currently running activities are listed on the Current tab. Once complete they roll over to the Past tab.

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