What data does Spanning Backup for G Suite back up?

Spanning Backup for G Suite backs up the five core G Suite services - Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives if enabled), Calendars, Contacts, and Sites.

Please note, however, that Spanning does not currently support backup of the new Google Sites, as the new Google Sites are not yet available to back up through Google's API.  As soon as Google updates its API to allow access to back up the new Sites data, Spanning will incorporate backing up the new Google Sites.

Spanning Backup, like other G Suite backup providers, rely upon the Google APIs to receive a copy of our customer's data to back up.  The APIs do not provide access to certain data types, such as Google Forms, Google Scripts, Drive Add-ons, certain Site components, and some 3rd party files such as Lucidcharts and Smartsheets.  These APIs also force convert some data from Google native formats to static documents, for example Google Draw, that are no longer editable in that application after restore. 

We also do not back up zero-byte files, as these are typically corrupt files or files that did not complete upload attempts to google - instead, we report an error that occurred, so that our customers are aware that this file has likely been corrupted.

Here is a list of some of the items that Spanning does not back up.

Any time we are not able to back up a portion of a customer’s G Suite data, we report on this through our status dashboard with the exception of certain Google Sites components and Google Drive Add-Ons

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