You need to Authorize Spanning Backup on this tenant to proceed


The following are the most common reasons for receiving an authorization error in Spanning Backup of O365: 


1. You might notice this error when you try accessing the Spanning Application in its pre-authorized state. To be precise, when you use an old bookmark that was saved after the application was open, it would ask you to authenticate each time you try to log in.

One of the examples that you might be using is


Please follow the below-mentioned steps to avoid this error:  

  1. Click on the URL: (You may bookmark this URL if needed) 
  1. Select- ‘’ Office 365 login’’ 
  1. Enter the credentials  


2- If you are using Uniview/VSA module to manage Spanning clients, please ensure that the IT Complete is enabled for the client.  

You may follow the steps mentioned in point 1 or please select ‘login as a different user’ and ensure that ‘IT COMPLETE’ is enabled.  


3- When onboarding a new client within VSA/Uniview, you may see the authorization error for some clients. Each time we deploy Spanning in a new environment, Spanning runs a sync to capture the client’s account-related information. Such as tenant id, account name, number of users, etc.  

During this time you will not be able to access the application and may see the authorization error. Note that it resolves within the next 24 hours of the deployment. The time may vary for different environments.  


Please contact support if you have any questions. 


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